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We have a workshop for the production of plastic mass and artificial resin with long tradition in this business. Since 1977 the workshop, in spite of all difficulties, has been placing its products continuously both in domestic and foreign markets.

The workshop is mostly involved in the production of technical parts and parts for agricultural machinery, but all the other plastic products are manufactured as well. The workshop is equipped with the machines for treatment of metals (milling machines, lathes, hydraulic presses) but they have not been used much because of low quality of the local markets and difficulties with appearing at foreign markets.

The workshop is established as a family business (fathers, brothers, sons) having Radivoje Mićić at the head as the manager and the owner. Mr Mićić is highly esteemed and respected in his profession. He has enormous theoretical and even more practical professional experience of producing objects made of plastic. His experience comes from German factories where he spent several years working in this area.

So far all of our clients have been satisfied with both quality of our products and professionl aproach. We have provided so far and we can offer to our future clients and buyers-to-be:

We are looking forward to having a positive reaction from you hoping there are real chances for long lasting and successful cooperation.